The Andover Community was shocked to learn that the school’s absence policy had been changed for the 2017-2018 school year, now only allowing students to miss two class periods before disciplinary action is taken. This decision came after the administration decided that four allotted absences per term was too many and students need to attend classes more. But that begs the question, what right does the administration have to force students to attend their classes?


Jerome Harold ‘20 is one student who has strong feelings about the new school policy. “I came to Andover to have more freedom and prepare me for life outside of high school,” he said in an interview with The Gorilla. “But I guess I was wrong. This school doesn’t let you be free. It still makes you go to class and learn, rather than give you the freedom to decide if that’s what you want to do. It’s such bullshit.”


Grace Davidson ‘19 also shared her views on the change. “This is an outrage! How dare they force me to attend class?” she said. “My family pays over forty thousand dollars a year to send me to this amazing institution where I can learn more than ever before and grow and develop as a person. With that kind of money comes a certain kind of privilege, the kind that allows me to pick and choose which classes I attend per day. I can’t believe this school would take that away from me.”


Even some faculty have expressed their outrage at the new policy change. In an interview with The Gorilla, Math instructor Jane Andrews stated, “I liked being able to cut my own classes and email my students saying that I wasn’t going to be there. Do you know how hard it is being a teacher at Andover? Students need extra help in case they don’t understand the material. I have tests and quizzes to grade. I have a dorm I need to take care of, and my two children are only in elementary school and aren’t old enough to take care of themselves”. While checking to see what the Blue Book said about teachers using the sleep room, she continued, “Sometimes I need to cut class so I can focus on myself and, in turn, make me a better teacher. But I can’t do that anymore with this new absence policy. Such bullshit.” Ms. Andrews then returned to grading tests and sipping a nice mug of Wild Sweet Orange tea while muttering “Should’ve taught at Choate” under her breath.


In other news, some day students are actually using their day student lockers, citing the ability to drop off unneeded items and make their backpacks lighter during the day. Further investigations have revealed that most day students refer to these lockers as “cars”.