Standards of Publication


The Gorilla is an Andover-based, student-run satirical blog that seeks to entertain and provoke thought.

The Gorilla operates on the following principles:

  1. The Gorilla reserves the right to write about any topic, no matter how unpopular or controversial.
  2. The Gorilla‘s content is generally Andover related, but will occasionally expand its humor beyond the school.
  3. The Gorilla will not target any individual or group of Andover community members on the basis of any facet of their identity, including but not limited to their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, class, ability, and geographical origin.
  4. The Gorilla uses invented names in its satire, except when mentioning prominent figures as the Head of School and the Dean of Students.  Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.
  5. However, in contradiction with the previous point, The Gorilla will use the names of real people with their permission.
  6. All content published by The Gorilla is subject to the Phillips Academy disciplinary guidelines as established in The Blue Book.
  7. We believe in using freedom of expression responsibly.  Some things should be made fun of, and some things shouldn’t.  If you have concerns about our content, please send us an email at

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