2019 Co-Emperors:

The Self-Proclaimed Sovereign of Satire: James “The First Lower” Collett III

Supreme Officer Sir JV-3 Soccer Coach III: Zach “80% Human, 20% Vegetable” Abruzzese


The Proletariat




2018 Bourgeoisie: His Royal Empathy and Balanceness: Leo “That Short Guy (Remastered Edition)” Brother, Editor in Chill Out, Fam: Max “Skrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt” Vale

2017 Benevolent-ish Dictatorship: Ethan “That Short Guy” Brown, Sebastian “I’m Vegan” Bishop, Brett “Brent Saoka” Sawka

2016 Oligarchy: Corissa “Bromeo” Hollenbeck, Juhi “J-Money” Saxena, Tess “Old-Man” Jarden

Capital “C” Creators: Keton Kakkar and Ethan McIntosh


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